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Welcome to my page. For some reason you’ve come over here to find out some more info on why this exists or me who made this, so I guess I shall share.

TLDR version; I wasn’t satisfied with the versions I could find online. I made my own. I went a little overboard.

Like any other creative I get stuck for inspiration sometimes on what to draw or write about and so I’ve done the trawl for ‘random animal generator’ a time or two and generally found them to come up wanting. Sure, there’s a variety of options out there but they all have the same animals; lions and tigers and bears (oh my), and I know there’s oh so many other interesting and wonderful creatures out there. I want a generator that’s going to show me something I’ve never heard of before, that I didn’t know existed, or that I’d simply forgotten about because no one else knows what they are.

From this tendency to want to see new and interesting creatures I’ve also gotten into the habit of looking up subspecies for the animals everyone knows about.

Did you know there’s actually three different kinds of peacock(peafowl)? That’s right! There’s the Indian Peafowl and Green Peafowl that everyone knows about, but there’s also the Congo Peafowl, who isn’t nearly so glorious and amazing to look at as it’s cousins, but it’s a peafowl too!

And thusly I do suggest that when you get a critter you’ve heard of before, that you take a moment to see if perhaps there’s some variations on the species that you never knew about. Get some variety out there! This world has so many birds, fish, reptiles and smaller mammals out there that people don’t know that they exist because they have bigger more popular cousins that take all the limelight.

Anywho, from that frustration many months ago I went and made myself a looooong ol’ list of different animals, both real and mythical and then a series of scenarios, weather, times of day, locations, some colours, to use myself for inspiration and promptly completely forgot about them for months on end.

Until the other day! Upon which I decided to see if there was some sort of random generator site I could throw all my info into to pick out the options for me. Which I did!

An awesome site! If you need to make your own random generator for whatever reason, go to that site, there’s a whole bunch of awesome templates and examples available on their site of things you can do and others have already done.

With this wonderful new site I started putting all my lists into a workable format and then I kept adding more. And more. And more.

Eg; My original list of options for ‘birds’ was 13 items. As of this initial publishing it’s 188.

You know how you just keep thinking of more options? Well that’s what happened to me. Certain options just didn’t seem enough, or that they were missing things.

So I added more variety. There’s vague suggestions (to make you think yourself). There’s generic expected suggestions (of course). There’s scientific classifications (to make you go what is that even?). There’s as many of the major groupings as is practical suggest (so most everyone can be included somewhere).

Everything suggested should be something searchable on Wikipedia. If not please tell me so I can make sure I’ve got my spelling correct.

Currently there’s over 700 individual ‘critter’ options before you include ones that variable on themselves, eg; robot – hybrid – animal*

Then from these mountains of options I have realised that perhaps I should do something more with these lists. Not just hide them away in the one giant generator. So, once I’m ‘done’ with the main generator I shall be creating a series of other generators with the info I’ve compiled so you can randomise specifically ‘bird’, ‘insect’, ‘mammal’, etc. Possibly also the location or extra theme as well if there’s interest.

So yeah! That’s my story. Hope you’re enjoying the generators!

Keep an eye on the Updates page for news and updates on what’s going on.

If you have any suggestions, feel free to email me at: